Needra The Fair

A human famale bard.


Needra The Fair is a fiftyish yr old human bard. This red head has aged well and maintains a lively energy. Needra has an amazing ability to make friends high and low, enchanting people with her music and friendly demeanor. In the Realm of Nentir Vale, Needra The Fair is both loved…and feared. Her title of “The Fair” referred original to her looks, but an incident in Winterhaven over 20yrs ago gave it new meaning.

Winterhaven was tearing itself apart. People were killing their friends and families. The “killers” would talked about awaking from nightmares to find themselves covered in blood and claimed innocence. Aldrest Padraig, the Lord of Winterhaven, had executed three of the captured killers already and Aldrest began to have doubts regarding his “Justice”. The villagers didn’t not share his doubts and prepaired to storm the Keep of Winterhaven to reach the guilty.

Needra had her own doubts about the killers and worked with Valthrun the Prescient to understand them. Needra and Valthrun began to see the murderers as victims. After talking to the confused killers about they believed that the killers had been possessed by a body jumping spirit or demon. After convincing Aldrest to stall the executions Needra and Valthrun worked with a young claric named Vedis to track down the current host. At the same time it became clear to Needra that one of the accused was never possessed by the entity and had used the chaos to kill their enemies. Faced with a monster that could not be banished and a monster all to human, Needra made the hard choice and tricked the former into possessing the later. With the deception complete, Needra took justice into her own hands and by cutting open the throat of the throat of the opportunistic murder Needra killed the final host of that malevolent spirit.

Word of Needras action spread across the Veil and people sought her out as a judge and adjudicator.

Needra The Fair

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